A sunny day on the Beach in the Northwest.

From down jackets to swimwear, what a change!

Taking time for reflection doesn’t always come easy to us.  We habitually move quickly from one season to another adventure, adjusting rapidly to changes we define.  From leaving fat fall rainbows to blasting shotguns in duck blinds, or more recently, steelhead fishing in the cold rivers of the Pacific Northwest to chasing roosterfish along sunny warm beaches in Baja.

Somehow, very slowly, we piece together the fabric we wove in past months. Cruising down the beach, I might lean forward clutching my fly rod and yell over the noise of the ATV, “remember that fish you got while the waterfall hung stationary on the cliff before us, frozen in time?  My fingers froze tailing that one…so beautiful.”  or “I can’t believe she landed that fish after all the odds seemed stacked against us…”  And so on, until our new experiences rush in like rain in the desert, filling every dry spot and turning it all green.

Until the rains of the Pacific Northwest catch up to us again, here’s a snapshot reflection on our Steelhead season from January through the end of March-it was a good one:

Justin's first steelhead on the Centerpin set up.

Justin’s first steelhead on the Centerpin set up.

My bestie and I with a beautiful steelhead she brought through the rapids and landed. The landowner came running down and asked to take our photo!

Oregon Steelhead 2013

k8 got a new raft!

The Cap'n lands a beauty.

The Cap’n lands a beauty.

A group shot of those who “hit it just right.”

The Cap'n lands dinner! A chrome hatchery hen.

The Cap’n lands dinner! A chrome hatchery hen.


The shiny side of a chrome steelhead.

Steelhead Tail

Tail end of a Steelhead.


Fausti and her dog, Riffle, with a big hatchery hen.


Mr.Chris thinks this steelheading stuff is easy.

Oregon Wines for Oregon Steel.

Fine Oregon wines pair nicely with fine Oregon Steelhead.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

Speaking of wine, my old roommate and sommelier, Katherine, caught some Steelhead too.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

Stefan, of Switzerland, released his fair share of Steelhead this season.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

Silvan and Stefan with yet another beauty.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

Beautifully colored buck.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

Nate with a pig of a steelhead.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

This was obviously a very exciting fish!

Oregon Steelhead 2013

Terry of Virginia holds up a colorful buck.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

J.O. believes the first steelhead of the day is always a great one!

Oregon Steelhead 2013

Mr. Chris with a chromer he landed after a wicked fight.


Harold from Virginia managed to find a fish or two.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

Our friend and fellow guide in Alaska, Andy Simon, swung up a translucent chromer.


Sometimes we get all the weather in one day, even hail.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

Andy with another great fish.


One of the best river dogs, our pup Kada.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

A traditional yet gourmet St.Patrick’s Day dinner courtesy of our friend, Daniel.


Kris “clutch player” Fausti, with yet another beautiful fish she landed this season.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

3 green rafts ready to roll!

Oregon Steelhead 2013

Jim hooked into some bright chrome Steelhead this year.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

Pete with an oversized wild steelhead hen measuring 34″x19″.

Oregon Steelhead 2013

The release!

Oregon Steelhead 2013

Justin and Kada with a tagged fish we named “Ford”.