About Frigate Adventure Travel

katejustinkada      Frigate Adventure Travel, owned and operated by professional fishing guides, Kate Taylor and Justin Crump, offers fully guided fishing, wildlife viewing, and accommodations on the Oregon Coast and Bristol Bay, Alaska as well as hosted travel logistics to locations worldwide.  They specialize in extraordinary hospitality and an intuitive ability to create fulfilling experiences.  Kate and Justin pride themselves on being organized, thoughtful, and professional.  Come see why these two create long-lasting relationships with all their guests!



Frigate Adventure Travel was founded by Kate Taylor and Justin Crump as a way to bundle their emerging guiding services and adventures.  Empowered by their experiences guiding in Alaska for a lodge and their love of fishing, this duo began a winter guiding operation in Oregon for coastal steelhead in 2011.  Eventually they brought guests with them to Baja, New Orleans, Christmas Island, and British Columbia and the travel side of the company transpired.

In 2016, after 8 seasons guiding for a lodge in Alaska, Kate and Justin started their own guiding operation in Bristol Bay based out of King Salmon.

Justin Crump


Justin grew up along the shores of Puget Sound, Washington, a fourth generation Edmonds kid chucking jigs off the docks.  By the age of twelve, he was tying his own flies and teaching himself how to cast a fly rod.  It was around this time he caught his first steelhead, a winter-run buck from the Skykomish River, beginning his life long pursuit of steelhead. At the young age of 16, Justin headed to Bristol Bay, Alaska to work summers in the commercial fishing industry just like his father and uncles had when they were young.  This took him to some of the wildest places in southwestern Alaska and inspired future endeavors exploring remote places.

In college, he began traveling with a group of dirt bag fisherman know as the Angling Exploration Group (AEG Media) and shortly after, went to work for the company.  He helped produce a number of fly fishing DVDs, short films and the early stages of the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  Sometime in this whirlwind of travel and adventure, Justin met Kate while working in a fly shop in Bellingham, Wa.  And after his stint with AEG Media, he returned to Bristol Bay, Alaska to begin his guiding career alongside Kate, working for Alaska Sportsman’s Bear Trail Lodge.  During this time, together they founded Frigate Adventure Travel.


Kate Taylor


Kate grew up with two older brothers on a farm outside of Lexington, Virginia ingrained with her father’s love of being outdoors and her mother’s adventurous nature.  At a young age, she longed to move west and once 18, heeded the call. After receiving her Associate’s Degree in Business, she landed on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington and instantly knew she was home.  Shortly after arrival, friends invited her to join them fishing for coho salmon along a small stream lined with old growth spruce and fir.  That day changed the course of her life forever as she fell madly in love with being on the water chasing salmon. Encouraged by her former boss (an avid fly fisherman), she applied for a job in Bellingham, Wa at a hunting/tackle/fly shop and to her surprise, got it.  With seventeen inherited fly shop grandfathers intent on mentoring her, Kate began an accelerated learning curve to understanding the Northwest’s salmon, steelhead, and fly fishing.  There was probably no better school.

A year later, Justin, came to work with them in the shop and soon after the two were gallavanting around the Northwest rivers together.  When Justin moved to Oregon to work with AEG Media, he eventually persuaded her to join him there (by sending wild steelhead fishing pictures on a daily basis).  The dry desert feeling of southern Oregon had this new Pacific Northwesterner homesick and with naivity and the encouragment of a friend, Kate applied for her first guiding position with Nanci Morris-Lyon in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

During her time in southern Oregon, Kate longed for river time with other gals as well as a writing outlet to express her creativity.  She coined a blog, Rogue Angels, to share her adventures with other women anglers as well as friends and family while cultivating her writing.  She actively wrote the blog for almost 7 years and as it tapered off, she put it to rest in 2015.  Her writing has been featured in the Fly Fish Journal, Trout Magazine, Patagonia Fly Fishing catalog, and the Salmon Steelhead Journal.

Kate is a brand ambassador for Patagonia, Loop Tackle, Rising Tools, Korkers Boots, Fishpond, Costa Sunglasses. She is a board member for the Pacific Rivers Council, and the Rockaway Beach Citizens for Watershed protection where she works to address clean water issues and outdated logging practices.

Kate has participated in several conservation films:

Long Live the King – Official Trailer from Fly Out Media on Vimeo.


Behind the Emerald Curtain – preview from Pacific Rivers on Vimeo.