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Fall has arrived with rainbows!

We’ve said goodbye to the fireweed as the last blooms blew away in the breeze and their leaves develop into a deep wine red color. The cottonwoods are taking on a golden yellow we all love as the rainbows move in to feed on eggs dropped by sockeye, chums, and kings as well as the flesh of their carcasses. There is a buzz in the air from fishing guides talking about the big ones they’ve seen or landed so far.

We’re ready for them!

Look at these healthy rainbows we’ve found with guests so far:

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IMG 3923
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Alaska Fall Openings

We have these dates available if you would like to join us in Alaska for some late fall fly fishing on the Naknek River for big fat healthy rainbows. $675/day includes guided fishing with excellent and experienced guides, (Justin, Gray, and k8), luxury lodging, and all gourmet meals. Fly outs charged separately based on locations.

Sept 20-24, 4 anglers

Oct 6-11, 1-3 anglers

Oct 13-16, 2 anglers

Walrus Adventures!

Thanks to our friends at Trygg Air, we’ve been flying over to Cape Grigg via float plane or wheel plane to view the walrus “haulout” up close and personal. Along the epic flight, we’ve seen wolves, bears, caribou, and moose! This is a must do on your trip to Bristol Bay!

IMG 4271

Chris Klosterman of Trygg Air with his de Havilland Beaver on tundra tires

IMG 4358

Walrus Haulout at Cape Grigg

IMG 4402

Up close and personal with these cute lazy creatures on the beach

Pebble Update

Many of our guests ask us what is happening with the proposed Pebble Mine, thanks to your concern and generosity, we’ve helped keep it from happening. But we need your help to protect Bristol Bay for all generations!

From Nelli Williams, TU’s Alaska Program Director:

Right now, Pebble is a shadow of its former self, and we should all celebrate this accomplishment. Because we are currently not battling a mining company with deep pockets and broad support from their industry, we have a unique opportunity in the coming year to put some larger lasting protections in place for Bristol Bay so we aren’t dealing with Pebble (or it’s equally bad cousin) down the road. In short our strategy includes: ensuring recreation and fish habitat are priorities in the state land management plan (currently mining is prioritized over recreation/fish habitat for much of the region); ensuring BLM lands in the area aren’t open to industrial scale mining; ensuring Pebble pays for existing clean up (and puts up a bond for future exploration activities); and convincing the Governor/legislature to permanently retire the leases at the Pebble site (stay tuned in November for step one of this process). None of this discussion could even really be happening if Pebble was its big, powerful former self, so now is the time to push forward. But, we need your help.

Also all donations (up to 50K) will be matched between now and the end of the year.



Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program Attn: Sport Challenge

3105 Lakeshore Dr. #102B Anchorage, AK 99517

This is an easy way to give back to the place we all love to fish, that will have a big impact.

Jumping Ahead….

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Oregon Coast Steelhead Season:

January-mid April 2017


January 17-21, 2 anglers

February 26-March 3, 4 anglers

March 12-17, 4 anglers

March 26-30, 4 anglers

Christmas Island Fly Fishing Adventure

May 16-23, 2017

We have several spots left on our trip. Come join us!

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