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Costa Shoot in Baja

Here is a video recap of our time spent with Costa Sunglasses and the great folks from McGarrah Jesse down in Austin for the 2015 Costa photo shoot. We had the privilege of hosting a group of 18 and couldn’t have imagined a more fun, energetic group. It was an […]

5:15 am5:15 am

April Showers

April belongs to us.  It’s our month; escaping the Northwest rains, diving head on into the sunshine of Baja, and burning our pale white skin.  Together we fish, devour tacos, and wash it all down with ice cold micheladas.    For the unitiated, micheladas are the drink of choice here in […]

2:47 am2:47 am

Steelhead to Roosterfish

Taking time for reflection doesn’t always come easy to us.  We habitually move quickly from one season to another adventure, adjusting rapidly to changes we define.  From leaving fat fall rainbows to blasting shotguns in duck blinds, or more recently, steelhead fishing in the cold rivers of the Pacific Northwest […]